We wish that the Marco Polo Art Festival, located in the ancient town of Korčula, become known as the historiographical starting point for the legendary traveller Marco Polo, becoming an important place of understanding the significance of the culture of dialogue and the permeation of differences. This Festival seeks to promote, inspire, build and demonstrate the peculiarities of timeless artistic production of music, film, literary and visual expression, which have emerged from the Silk Road theme. The mission of the festival is to open up common themes of cultural dialogue between the participating countries, which are a part of the quaint and peculiar common space – the vastness of the ancient Silk Road. We insist on comprehensively trying to attribute value to movement, not rootedness, to networks, not to fences and wires, to interaction rather than rigidness. However, we would struggle to succeed in expressing the difference between opinions and the Factual, Conceptualization and Creation, Interpretation and Creation – to those, to whom these diverse festival selections are intended, which is our precious audience – without the valuable contribution of the Festival participants.
town of K o r c u l a
… The starting point of traveler Marco Polo …