The festival program is the presentation of our selection from the recent ART production of the countries that were included in the Silk Road. From such an outlined circle of cultures, we plan to bring together numerous and versatile artistic endeavours, the new, the old, recent, historiographic, experimental, submissive, radical and above all creative ART forms from film production, visual and musical expression, from inside and outside the mainstream –  focusing primarily on artistic excellence and the author’s authenticity. Apart from carefully selected ART productions, the festival represents a significant and precious hub for research, artistic and functional inquiry, seeking and finding space for establishing dialogue, artistic freedom and authorship.

Selection of Feature Films, from the Culture Centers of the Countries of the Silk Road
Selection of the most prestigious world and domestic classical repertoire of soloist and chamber music
■ Selection of copyrighted documentaries, coherent movie stories with clear themes that make the audience laugh, cry, ponder the new concepts, delight in them.
■ Workshops, festivals and round tables to be held by the Festival guests with the aim of education, interaction, linking and opening up possibilities for future cooperation between the participants of the Silk Road, the local community, the guests and participants of the Festival.
■ Exhibitions, cultural and ethnological heritage of participating countries, presented in the ‘Corners’ of each participating country

The one who plants trees, knowing that he will never sit in their shade,
has started to understand the meaning of life.

… Marko Polo …