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Documentary, Miro Branković 

This Documentary paints the journey of Marco Polo, which begins in Korčula, his place of birth. We follow the civilizational, religious circles through which Polo is going, while travelling the world. All the wonders of the world he wrote about, and that we are watching, we can compare with the miracles of our country. The architecture, the nature, the animals and customs with which the “unknown” world enchants the traveller and the viewer, we have also inherited in our environment. Croatia is a world-in-small, a beautiful country, a traveller’s paradise…


Documenraty, China

The ancient Silk Road, which stretched thousands of kilometars and links China with West Asia, Europe and Africa, initiated a great millennium enterprise. Transcending the vicissitudes of history, this ancient road will once again play a huge role in the Eurasian continent and on the sea. Both the Silk Road Economic Zone and the Maritime silk Road will become new platforms for China and the countries along the road to gain mutual understanding, share prosperity and promote cultural exchanges.

Feature films

10 countries of Slik road


”LIFELONG MISSION”  Documentary Presented with the Support of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation 21.01.2016 The lifelong mission documentary filmed by the baku media center with the heydar aliyev foundation’s support. Arzu aliyeva is the head of the project and the chief producer,whereas ramiz abutalibov, a recognized diplomat,is the head consultant. Lifelong mission reveals tumultuous story of the Azerbaijani Delegation to the paris peace conference in january 1919 led by Alimardan bey topchubashov, the then speaker of parliament of the First Republic of Azerbaijan (1918-1920).


On the borderline between childhood and adulthood, when life is a string of easy decisions, the world of half-sisters Iva and Maya is about to change drastically. They would have to find answers to questions grown-ups don’t even dare to ask. Can the two teenagers make decisions of life and death?


This unique story about a family  that has won as many as 10 Olympic medals is a story told by the author, Bruno Kovačević, in his
documentary titled Gnothi Seauton – Know Thyself. The incredible success of the Kostelić family has been immortalized in this film recorded over 23 years of following Janica and Ivica since their very beginnings. The first shots were taken when Janica was only eight years old, and the last ones after the 2014 Winter
Olympics in Sochi, where Ivica won an Olympic silver medal for the fourth time.


Little Mary Kom  was born in the village Kangatei in Maipur. She was a rebellious girl in society where men have the main word and often got into fights with them. As time went by she developed her love for boxing  and found someone willing to coach – Najrijat Sigha. Together they take off to an adventure whgich will land them 3 world medals. After her great success Mary falls in love and gets married soon afterwards. But when she wants to repeat her boxing dream a mother of two has a lot of obstacles down the road.


In Mahmud’s (60), mind nothing is more precious than living the live following the Islamic principles. But when he heard news
that the Isbat Committee of the Ministry of Religion spends 9 billion Rupiah funds only to decide when the Hilal emerges, he becomes sad. This reality made him remember the traditional way to find the Hilal and he intended to do that again. But his family prevents him to do it since his health is decreasing.


Sara & Aida are close friends. The reputation of one of them is in danger. With each other’s help they need to figure out how they will resolve this issue. How strong is their friendship though?


Somewehere around 13th century Beybars, man from Kipčak tribe was sent to slavery and by chance he becomes Sultan of Egipt.With the help of Mediterranean’ s biggest navy Sultan beats bothe the Crusades and descendants of the great Gingiz Khan. Beyars remembers his rough life path with nostalgia and how there was many obstacles one has to overcome to rise as a great empirer like he has. Only as he obtainedtremendous power with half the word in the palm of his concludes that everything in life is temporary. Beyard gave op the throne and returned to his childhood home where he was abducted and taken to slavery as a little boy.


FATAL ENCOUNTER – The Fatal Encounter draws out the breathtaking 24 hours hidden from history about the twisted fates of a man who must survive, a man who must kill, and a man who must protect in an attempted assassination duringJeong-jo’s first year of reign. The motif behind the dramatic story is a historical incident that took place on 28 July 1777 called ‘the Jeong Yu Yeok Byeon’.


Maestro Jiao San, sMaestro Jiao San, a suona player of the old generation, looked tough and rigid but had great passion in his heart. He worked arduously and carefully to sustain his band of suona-playing, a cultural tradition that would probably become extinct soon. As society is fast changing and people get increasingly anxious, the master and his apprentice, the two suona players of both old and new generations, shared a strong belief in carrying forward the valuable cultural asset of suona-playing and in the process, they forged close fraternal ties..


MusicThis is a story of the rebellion of the human spirit again the mindless exterminating machine. In October 1943 the prisoners of the Nazi camp Sobibor led by Alexander Pechersky organized a revolt – the only successful rebellion in the death camps in history.


In early 1970s, Adem is a boy living in an Aegean village with his family. He just finished the primary school and he wants to work while he’s on summer holiday. He gets permission from his family to work for a soda pop seller named Ciber Kemal. But the Ramadan has just came and Adem wants to do his fast while he’s working. But he starts seeing hallucinations because of the hot summer day. It seems it’s going to be the longest day of Adem.