SIBILA PLETEVSKI / ‘’The theater of shame’’

9.6.2018. / SATURDAY / 10h / Secondary School Petar Šegedin

SIBILA PLETEVSKI is a prizewinning, multifaceted writer who has worked in all genres of literature, from fictional and historical prose, poetry and drama, to theatrical experiments. She has won significant awards in all genres. The author will open a space of dialogue with the auditorium on the theme of the title phrase of her recent work, which deals with the possibility of creating a cultural critique on the basis of insights into the “performance of society” structured “as acts in a drama” – from crisis, culmination, denouement, and backwards


13.6.2018. / WEDNESDAY / 12:15h / Secondary School Petar Šegedin

Dr Tanya Dimitrova, Ambassador of the Republic of Bulgaria to the Republic of Croatia, is also a friend and a guest participant of the International Marco Polo Art Festival. As a part of the Festival’s lectures aimed at young audience, DIMITROVA will talk about: ‘’CULTURE AND ART – SUBJECTS OF INTERCULTURAL DIALOGUE’’.


12.6.2018. / TUESDAY / 17h / Conf. sale PORT9 hotel

ZLATKO VIDAČKOVIĆ , journalist, film critic, and member of judgeing commitee of international critic in Berlin,Cannes and Venice. Since 2013. teaches on ADU in Zagreb (subject FILM FESTIVALS) 2014. on Journalism Faculty on community college VERN (subject FILM GENRE, Journalism in Culture) where he also teaches Erasmus students (Introductions to Croatian Cinema, Croatian Contemporary Culture).